EventBot is a bot dedicated to making event planning easier and more efficient for Discord users.

With features like organizing, inviting and reminding, our bot further enhances the overall user experience.

Behold the tool that will change your chat forever.

The only thing you need to run EventBot is Discord! Discord is a very modern chatting app, and it is becoming increasingly prevalent each day. Inside Discord, there are users called bots that authenticate to the server and provide additional functionality and various tools to chats.

Create an Event

In one line, EventBot allows you to create an event so coherent and organized that no one will want to miss it.

Wait for Responses

Once your event has been posted, everyone in the server will be notified and can RSVP to the invitation.

Party On!

Now that the event is just around the corner, all members who will be attending will be notified. It's time to stop planning and start partying!

Check out some Cool Commands

Create Command

--create [eventName, date, startTime, duration, location]
The create command is the fundamental step in discord planning. Use the following parameters to create an event no one will forget.

Help Command

Using bots can be confusing. Sometimes, you use the wrong syntax, sometimes you don't know what to do. The help command will make sure you never get confused.

Map Command

--map [eventName]
Use this line and type the name of an event in, and EventBot will return a link to a Google Maps query of the location of that event to ensure you always know where you're going.

Want to reach the Bot?

Contact EventBotDiscord on Google or Twitter